VerifiGlobal Launches New Stakeholder Forum
VerifiGlobal Launches New Stakeholder Forum

01. February 2020

VerifiGlobal Launches New Stakeholder Forum

VerifiGlobal has established a new Forum to facilitate engagement with key organizations that recognize the importance of innovative technology solutions to address global challenges and the value-added role of independent quality-assured technology performance testing and verification.

The prime objectives of the VerifiGlobal Forum are to:

  • Encourage companies, industry associations, government agencies, and other stakeholders to identify their technology needs, interests and associated data requirements that can be supported by independent verification;
  • Promote market acceptance of technology performance verification within key sectors as a means of reducing the risk associated with the adoption of new technologies that meet environmental and sustainability targets;
  • Facilitate market penetration of verified environmental technologies through direct access to potential customers, policymakers, and supportive organizations.

Please contact us about joining the VerifiGlobal Forum