What is the VerifiGlobal Forum?

The VerifiGlobal Forum has been established to facilitate engagement with key organizations that are interested in innovative technologies and the services that VerifiGlobal and its Alliance members can provide.

VerifiGlobal already has in place the VerifiGlobal Alliance, an international platform of qualified performance testing and verification organizations, and the VerifiGlobal Solutions Network, which is comprised of progressive companies with verified technologies. These two existing mechanisms support the market-push and supply-side aspects of the environmental solutions business. The new VerifiGlobal Forum has been established to address the market-pull, demand-side aspects of innovative technology development and deployment by:

  • Encouraging companies, industry associations, government agencies, and other stakeholders to identify their technology needs, interests, and associated data requirements that can be supported by independent verification.
  • Promoting market acceptance of technology performance verification within key sectors as a means of reducing the risk associated with the adoption of new technologies that meet environmental and sustainability targets.
  • Facilitating market penetration of verified environmental technologies through direct access to potential customers, policymakers, and support organizations that recognize the value of independent quality-assured technology performance testing and verification.

Participation in the Forum is geared towards cooperative and supportive organizations that recognize the importance of innovative technology solutions to address global challenges and the value-added role of independent quality-assured technology performance testing and verification.

VerifiGlobal Forum participation will include a range of different organizations, such as industry associations, government agencies, corporations, impact investors, NGOs, procurement bodies, technology incubators and accelerators, financial sponsors, philanthropic organizations, and others. Initially, the mission of the Forum will remain broad, encouraging dialogue and discussion to help facilitate the advancement and deployment of tangible, measurable solutions that are both innovative and sustainable.

The VerifiGlobal Forum may be a good fit if you are:

  • A company with sustainability or GHG reduction targets,
  • An association or agency supporting industry in the selection of new technologies to help achieve environmental goals,
  • A policymaker with interest in identifying potential solutions to achieve or monitor pollutant reductions, or
  • An investor was interested in new environmental technologies.

Please contact us about joining the VerifiGlobal Forum