Joining the VerifiGlobal Alliance

With the introduction of ISO 14034, multiple stakeholders will be seeking guidance on how to implement and take advantage of the new international standard. Organizations committed to high-quality performance measurement, verification, and reporting will benefit from membership in the VerifiGlobal Alliance.


VerifiGlobal will grant licences to competent organizations committed to providing high quality performance testing and verification that join the VerifiGlobal Alliance. The VerifiGlobal licence will include permission to use VerifiGlobal branding, including the VerifiGlobal logo, in marketing and promoting their testing and verification services. VerifiGlobal Alliance annual membership fees will include the cost of this licence.

The introduction of ISO 14034 will generate increasing interest from technology companies and other clients seeking independent performance testing and verification services. Testing and verification organizations that are members of the VerifiGlobal Alliance will be well positioned to provide these services.

The annual VerifiGlobal Alliance membership fee is USD 2000.

Organizations interested in joining the VerifiGlobal Alliance should  contact the VerifiGlobal Secretariat