Benefits of VerifiGlobal Forum Participation

The VerifiGlobal Forum has been established to:

1. Encourage participation of companies, industry associations, government agencies and other stakeholders in identifying their technology needs, interests and associated data requirements that can be supported by independent verification.

2. Promote market acceptance of technology performance verification within key sectors as a means of reducing risk associated with the adoption of new technologies that meet environmental and sustainability targets.

3. Facilitate market penetration of verified environmental technologies by providing direct access to potential customers, policymakers and supportive organizations that recognize the value of independent quality-assured technology performance testing and verification.

VerifiGlobal Forum Participation Facilitates Access, Engagement, Alignment

Ready access to:

  • Services provided by qualified performance testing and verification organizations that are members of the VerifiGlobal Alliance;
  • Verified environmental technologies, solutions and business opportunities provided by progressive companies that are part of the VerifiGlobal Solutions Network.

Meaningful engagement through:

  • Dialogue with other committed organizations with practical experience in evaluating, using, implementing and financing new innovations;
  • Reliable information to inform and continuously improve decisions based on appropriate benchmarks and supported by quality-assured performance verification;
  • Participation in the development of new verification protocols for technologies of interest;
  • New ways of thinking to raise awareness about economic, social and environmental resiliency.

Effective alignment in:

  • Advancing and deploying innovative, sustainable solutions with measurable results to protect and enhance environmental quality and the regenerative capacity of natural ecosystems;
  • Addressing stakeholder needs, market opportunities and strategic priorities to meet sustainability goals and facilitate the transformation towards a sustainable future.


Please contact us about joining the VerifiGlobal Forum.