Performance measurement and verification organizations represent the core strength of VerifiGlobal.

Members of the VerifiGlobal Alliance operate in accordance with VerifiGlobal statutes and operational procedures. VerifiGlobal has developed a best practices document for Performance Measurement and Verification organizations, which serves as a VerifiGlobal standard of practice building upon:

  • ISO 17020
  • ISO 17025
  • ISO 14034
  • ISO 9001
  • and other standards.


  • International developments are shaping the market for independent performance testing and verification services
  • Global innovation capacity includes numerous testing and evaluation facilities and expertise

Individually, facilities and organizations offer high-quality services and expertise within their respective domain areas to assist in evaluating and validating new technologies and products

Collectively, they provide a comprehensive critical mass of performance assessment and validation capability across multiple domains and areas of expertise

Working together enables collective action targeting key sectors across multiple jurisdictions where independent performance measurement verification can add value

Added Value