Third-party Performance Testing

Quick Scan

Initial client and technology screening (Quick Scan)

Detailed market assessment and analysis

Supply-side and demand-side

Preliminary needs assessment (supply-side and demand-side)

Performance benchmarking and stakeholder facilitation

Certification requirements

Identification of regulatory, standardization and certification requirements

Identification of key performance parameters

Test plan and quality assurance plan development

Technology-specific verification protocol development

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Independent Performance Verification and the VerifiGlobal Performance Verification Protocol (PVP)

Monitoring and reporting

Follow-up performance monitoring and reporting

Access to leading performance-verified technologies

Report preparation

Comparative performance report preparation

Integration of verified solutions with other technologies

Market feedback

Customized reporting on market feedback

Maximizing triple bottom line benefits

Accessing technology investment and project financing

Training and capacity building

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Performance Benchmarking and Stakeholder Engagement

Performance benchmarking is an effective stakeholder engagement strategy targeting the principal users of performance information

Includes government and industry association program managers, as well as technology investors and buyers

Involves sector-based consultation through workshops and dialogue to better understand stakeholder needs and expectations, and facilitate the identification of relevant performance parameters that can be independently measured, verified and reported

Information sharing on innovative technologies, best practices and new developments in targeted sectors

Ensuring that green procurement managers, clean technology investors and regulators have the information they need to reduce the risks associated with the adoption of innovative environmental technologies

Performance Testing Services

Performance verification requires testing a client’s technology or product under controlled operating conditions in accordance with a technology-specific test plan.

Experience has shown that many technology vendors and other stakeholders do not fully understand the testing requirements necessary to produce verifiable performance data.

Proponents intending to apply for verification typically need guidance in planning for and executing credible test procedures. A test report is then produced which includes a description of the test plan, methods used, results achieved, observations and conclusions

VerifiGlobal Alliance members assist clients by developing and implementing quality-assured test plans that produce verifiable performance test data to meet the needs of technology vendors, technology users, investors and regulators.

VerifiGlobal Alliance members are competent testing and verification organizations that collectively provide sufficient domain expertise, capability and capacity to deliver services over a full spectrum of technology areas.

This includes maintaining effective technical liaisons and working arrangements with alliance members to maximize efficient use of resources

Performance Verification Services

Independent performance measurement and verification is particularly suitable where technologies and proposed solutions offer innovative features or levels of performance not fully reflected in product standards

An example of this is environmental technology verification (ETV), which offers a structured, pre-normative process to help demonstrate and verify the performance of innovative products, technologies and services.

Over 1500 technologies have been verified globally under various national and regional ETV programs. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a new international standard for ETV (ISO 14034), through TC207, the ISO Technical Committee for Environmental Management, and SC4, its Subcommittee for Environmental Performance Evaluation. 

The performance verification process provides objective and quality-assured performance data on technologies and products so that users, developers, regulators, and other parties can make informed decisions about purchasing, applying and regulating these technologies and products.

The development and implementation of ISO 14034 reflects an international consensus that standardization of the environmental performance verification process is an effective way to establish the credibility and robustness of environmental performance information world‐wide. 

With promulgation of the new ISO 14034 standard it is expected that the number of companies seeking verification will increase significantly across multiple jurisdictions.

This will benefit organizations that understand and incorporate the new ISO standard into the services they offer prospective clients. 

Strategic Advice and Capacity Building

As the new ISO standard takes root, other countries and jurisdictions are expected to come on board, creating new opportunities for VerifiGlobal testing and verification organizations to provide services.

VerifiGlobal helps members and clients access technology investment and project financing, thereby accelerating market adoption and deployment of innovative solutions, while reducing technical and operational risks.

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