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March 2022: Creating Value Through Resilient Sustainable Solutions

This issue builds on the theme of resilient climate and water solutions. It highlights Clean Technology Innovation Initiative (CTII) efforts to connect the deployment of innovative clean technologies with sustainable development goals and the effective use of standardization. It identifies three primary relationship levels - Drivers, Solutions and Tracking – constituting the framework for a web-based CTII relationship map, illustrating how global sustainability goals and international standards interact and relate in a systematic way.

This issue also presents the outcomes and lessons learned from the U.S. EPA Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge Outcomes and the Stony Brook Nitrogen Sensor Verification. Also featured are: the Hydroworks HydroDome Verification; the SparkBlue Digital Platform for Online Engagement; the UNEP Finance Initiative Principles for Responsible Investment(PRI); Engineering for One Planet; the Battelle Conference on Innovations in Climate Resilience (29-30 March 2022); the World Bank INNOVATE 4 CLIMATE 2022 Event (22-24 May 2022)


September 2021: Special Edition - Clean Technology Innovation Initiative Workshop Report

This extended Special Edition of the VerifiGlobal Newsletter reports on the Clean Technology Innovation Initiative (CTII) Online Workshop, which took place on 22 September 2021. It includes workshop presentation summaries outlining the objectives and background of the Initiative, as well as next steps and how to get invoved. The collaborative effort to enable the development and deployment of innovative environmentally sound solutions has begun. Find out more about the key process elements and role of relationship mapping in addressing complex issues and navigating effective solution pathways.

Featured: CTII Objectives, ISO TC207 and ISO 14000 Standards, Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Connecting the Use of Standards to the UN SDGs, the Value Proposition in Relationship Mapping, ‘Are you Climate Ready?’ and four key sector overviews addressing climate change and water resiliency.”

June 2021: New Clean Technology Innovation Initiative

Launch of new Clean Technology Innovation Initiative by VerifiGlobal, in collaboration with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). On 22 September 2021, join us at an interactive online workshop about the new Initiative which will explore key process elements and relationships enabling the development and deployment of innovative environmentally sound solutions.

Featured: 350Solutions supporting innovation through verification of carbon utilization technologies; Comprehensive update on the verification of stormwater technologies to supporting permitting and approvals processes in North America.

March 2021: ETV Priorities – 2021 and Beyond (Part 2)

This issue builds on the December 2020 newsletter, highlighting the following priorities: Clean Technology and Green Infrastructure; Waste Minimization, Resource Efficiency and the Circular Economy; Transportation and Green Mobility; and Green Finance and Procurement. Also discussed are the use of Performance Benchmarking and Verification to accelerate eco-Innovation and investment in clean technologies; and how ISO TC 207 is providing a foundation for environmental sustainability and technology innovation.

Featured: Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CMC Research Institutes and the Foresight Cleantech Accelerator Centre); The World Circular Economy Forum (SITRA); The SiteWise™ tool for evaluating site restoration alternatives (Battelle); The Sustainable Mobility for All Coalition (World Bank); Technical standards for electric vehicle charging stations (Measurement Canada); SAVi Sustainable Asset Valuation (International Institute for Sustainable Development and the MAVA Foundation).


December 2020: Looking forward to 2021

Why ETV is important; How the ISO 14034 standard is helping address environmental challenges; How VerifiGlobal is building market acceptance of innovative technologies by linking technology providers and solution adopters; 12 priorities to consider looking forward to 2021.

Featured: The recently verified ADS StormTech Isolator Row PLUS technology; Battelle and the NSF National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON); 350Solutions and the NRG COSIA Carbon XPrize; CAWT On-site Wastewater Research and Testing Facility; IETU ‘LIFEproETV’ Project. As a new twist, there’s also a holiday crossword puzzle … Please give it a try!

September 2020: ETV and Agriculture

Sector strategies and enabling policies moving towards global sustainability and greater resiliency; Role of Information and communication technology (ICT) in the agricultural/agri-food sector; Strengthening verification capacity and improving market acceptance of ETV as an effective decision support tool.

Featured: Verification of Environmental Technologies for Agricultural Production (VERA); Rokkedahl Energy; JH AGRO A/S; SKOV A/S; European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

June 2020: COVID- 19 Pandemic Special Issue

Leadership in making a difference; Rethinking the way we do things (and the way things are done); Understanding shared vulnerabilities and drawing upon collective strengths; Quality systems and standards in responding to COVID-19.

Featured: United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO); International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD); Battelle CCDS Critical Care Decontamination System; Ozonator Industries; Stony Brook University; US EPA.

March 2020: World Water- Tech Innovation Summit 2020

Collaborative innovation and clean growth; Watershed management and sustainability; Water efficiency, resource recovery and reuse; Digital integration and system optimization; Accelerating project financing.

Featured: World Water Innovation Fund (WWIF); UK Department for International Trade (UK-DIT), Atkins; Badger Meter; Fracta; Rezatec; Innovyze; US EPA; Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC); Battelle.


December 2019: VerifiGlobal Forum Launch

ISO 14034 and Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs); UN Climate Technology Update; Value of Verification.

Featured: Hydro International Downstream Defender; Good Harbour Laboratories (GHL); TRCA-STEP; 350Solutions; NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE; US EPA; Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC); Battelle; United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN).

September 2019: WEFTEC 2019 Special Issue

Stormwater Management; Sensors and Advanced Monitoring; Optimized Adaptive Infrastructure.

Featured: Water Environment Federation Stormwater Institute; US Stormwater Testing and Evaluation for Products and Practices (STEPP) Initiative; National Municipal Stormwater Alliance (NMSA); Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association (SWEMA); Good Harbour Laboratories; TRCA-Sustainable Technologies Evaluation; Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT); BaySaver; Hydro International; US EPA; The Nature Conservancy (TNC); Battelle; Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC); Water and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association (WWEMA); World Economic Forum.

June 2019: TechConnect World Innovation

Cleantech Performance Assessment and Verification Workshop; TechConnect Session on ISO 14034; VerifiGlobal Alliance General Assembly; Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs).

Featured: Hydro International Up-Flo® Filter with CPZTM Media; BaySaver BayFilter EMC; US EPA Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge; Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC); Battelle; Southern Research; Good Harbour Laboratories (GHL); ETA-Danmark.

March 2019: Accelerating commercialization-focused innovation

Framework for sustainable clean technology solutions; Market adoption of innovative, eco-efficient solutions with global market reach; Encouraging clean technology investment; Southern Research Clean DaTa Initiative.

Featured: CleanTech Forum; WEF Stormwater Symposium; ISO/TC 207 Plenary in Berlin; World Water-Tech Innovation Summit; Conserving Biodiversity Conference; Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU); Southern Research; Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU).


December 2018: PFAS Health and Environmental Risks

Effective PFAS risk management tools and technologies; Chemical Life Cycle Collaborative Tool (CLiCC); US Strategic Environmental Research & Development Program (SERDP) and Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP); Water resiliency and sustainability; Stormwater technology verification.

Featured: Hydro International First Defense OGS; BaySaver BayFilter EMC; Mid- Atlantic Storm Water Research Center (MASWRC); Boggs Environmental; TRCA-Sustainable Technologies Evaluation; International Erosion Control Association (IECA); City of Toronto; Western Canada Water Environment Association (WCWEA); Water Environment Federation (WEF); US EPA; The Nature Conservancy (TNC); Battelle; Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC); University of California Santa Barbara, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management; US Department of Defense; Centre for Sustainable Design; International Organization for Standardization (ISO); ETA-Danmark; EU ETV Programme.

September 2018: Collaboration on Eco-Innovation

Global Recognition of ETV; ISO Work Item on Green Bonds; Water Quality in Coastal and Freshwater Systems; US EPA Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge.

Featured: World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD); Institute for Competitiveness & Prosperity; Centre for Sustainable Design; TRCA-Sustainable Technologies Evaluation; ASEM SME Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC); Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU); US EPA; Battelle; Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC); StormCon; Western Canada Water Environment Association (WCWEA); VCS Denmark; CertMark International (CMI); Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI).

June 2018: United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Promoting Sustainable Development and Market Acceptance of Environmentally Sound Technologies; SDG Targets and the Role of ISO 14034; Establishing Effective EST Indicators and Metrics for SDG Targets; Building Trust through Conformity Assessment.

Featured: STI Forum on SDGs; World Trade Organization (WTO); United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO); International Finance Corporation (IFC); UN OFFICE FOR PROJECT SERVICES (UNOPS); Southern Research; Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT) Technology Access Centre; Ontario WaterTAP; CertMark International; World Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations (WFTAO); US EPA; The Nature Conservancy (TNC); Battelle; Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC).

March 2018: Promoting market awareness and acceptance of ISO 14034 ETV

Aligning public and private interests to address energy efficiency and climate change mitigation opportunities; Methane capture; Carbon dioxide utilization; Technical Report to guide verifiers on how to apply ISO 14034.

Featured: Southern Research; Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (IETU); US Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC); US Environmental Council of States (ECOS); UK Building Research Establishment (BRE); U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E); Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA); International Erosion Control Association (IECA); RESCOLL; ADEME.


December 2017: Collaborative Initiative on Water Resiliency, Adaptation & Sustainability

Configuring appropriate infrastructure solutions; Stormwater management technologies; Sensors and monitoring technologies; US EPA Advanced Septic System Nitrogen Sensor Challenge.

Featured: US EPA; The Nature Conservancy (TNC); Battelle; Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center (MASSTC); Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA); RECOLL; Futuramat; Southern Research; ETA-Danmark; Danish Technological Institute; FORCE Technology.

September 2017: ISO 14034 Verification

ISO 14034 Verification Benefits, Market Drivers, and Process Requirements; Creating value through informed decisions and sustainable results.

Featured: Ziltek RemScan; Ontario Ministry of Environment; Battelle Memorial Institute (Battelle); Centre for Advancement of Water and Wastewater Technologies (CAWT); Good Harbour Laboratories (GHL); Toronto and Region Conservation (TRCA) Living Cities Campus (LCC); RESCOLL; EuroFins (formerly VTT Expert Services); ETA-Danmark.