Verification – Confirmation through the provision of objective evidence

Verification Plan – Detailed planning document for implementation of the technology verification

Verification Report – Document detailing the technology verification and its results

Verification Statement – Document summarizing the results of the technology verification

Test Plan – Detailed planning document specifying the principles, testing methods, conditions and procedures, required to carry out testing and to produce test data

Test Report – Document describing conditions and results of testing

Data Quality – Characteristics of data that relate to their ability to satisfy stated requirements [SOURCE: ISO 14040:2006]

Terms related to technology

Technology – Application of scientific knowledge, tools, techniques, crafts, or systems in order to solve a problem or achieve an objective, which can result in a product or process

Product – Any goods or service [SOURCE: ISO 14050:2009]

Process – Set of interrelated or interacting activities that transforms inputs into outputs [SOURCE: ISO 14001]

Environmental Technology – Technology that either result in an environmental added value or measures parameters that indicate an environmental impact

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) – Verification of the performance of environmental technology by a verifier

Environmental Impact – Change to the environment, whether adverse or beneficial, wholly or partially resulting from the material acquisition, design, production, use, or end-of-use of a technology [SOURCE: adapted from ISO 14001]

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – Process of assessing the impact of a technology, product, process or project on the environment, whether adverse or beneficial

Environmental Added Value – More beneficial or less adverse environmental impact of technology with respect to the relevant alternative

Relevant Alternative – Technology applied currently in a similar situation as the environmental technology for which performance will be verified through environmental technology verification

Terms related to performance

Performance – Measurable result; Performance relates to measurable results supported by numerical quantitative findings. [SOURCE: adapted from ISO 14001]

Performance Claim – Statement of the performance of the technology declared by the applicant

Performance Parameter – Numerical or other measurable factors of the performance of a technology

Performance Measurement and Verification – General term referring to the process of independent performance testing, verification and reporting