What is ISO 14034 ETV?

ISO 14034:2016 Environmental management — Environmental technology verification (ETV) published in November 2016 by International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ETV is a quality-assured process that provides independent confirmation of the performance of environmental technologies based on objective evidence:

Supports informed decision-making;  

Enhances the effective demonstration, deployment and market acceptance of innovative technology-based solutions.

3 key principles help ensure that verifications are performed and reported accurately in a manner useful to stakeholders:

  • Flexibility in specifying relevant performance parameters and test methods;
  • Credibility in generating reliable performance data using robust, quality-assured test procedures;
  • Transparency in assessing the evidence and verification results in reports that are clear, complete, and objective.

Innovative environmental technologies provide solutions that address specific environmental challenges such as:

  • Pollution prevention, control and remediation;
  • Efficient use of resources, including their recovery and recycling;
  • Climate change resiliency, adaptation and mitigation; and
  • Environmental monitoring and surveillance.

Environmental technology verification (ETV) provides a credible, impartial account of the performance of technologies which contribute to the attainment of environmental objectives through:

  • Specific, quantifiable environmental benefits (e.g., technologies with more beneficial or less adverse environmental impacts); or
  • Superior measurement of environmental impacts (e.g., environmental monitoring and surveillance technologies).

The ISO 14034 ETV process is particularly effective for verifying the performance of technologies whose innovative features or technical and/or environmental benefits are not fully reflected in existing product standards.