About Us

VerifiGlobal assists technology companies and solution providers seeking market acceptance of the technologies and solutions they provide.

VerifiGlobal helps determine the principal market barriers to their innovations and ensures that proposed performance measurement and verification activities are aligned to address and overcome these barriers.

Leading organizations are increasingly demanding independent, quality-assured data on the performance of technologies, processes, and products. VerifiGlobal is committed to ensuring that these “demand-side” clients have access to high-quality performance information to effectively guide their decisions.

With the promulgation of the new ISO 14034 standard for environmental technology verification, it is expected that the number of companies seeking performance measurement and verification services across multiple jurisdictions will increase significantly. VerifiGlobal helps align the capabilities of its members consistent with the new standard and serves as a conduit to create demand for member services.

VerifiGlobal also helps interpret and evaluate solutions and potential outcomes not adequately addressed by existing standards, as well as situations where the commitment to a proposed option involves trade-offs or risks.

VerifiGlobal provides the flexibility of working with local experts and testing organizations while benefiting from a comprehensive platform with global market reach.


  • Strengthen long term, sustainable performance through improved efficiency, quality assurance and accountability

VerifiGlobal helps clients…

  • Communicate the benefits of innovative solutions
  • Demonstrate the effective performance of innovative solutions through independent performance benchmarking and verification
  • Realize the full potential of innovative solutions in a competitive global marketplace through engagement with stakeholder groups and the advancement of viable, eco-efficient solutions that create value and reduce risk.

Key clients

  • Vendors and developers
  • Buyers and users
  • Governments, regulatory bodies, investors, insurance companies
  • And others that facilitate technology adoption through standards, guidelines, policies, funding, and investment.
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