Technologies previously verified

Some companies have technologies already verified through various national and regional performance verification schemes. The possibility exists for these companies to become part of the VerifiGlobal Solutions Network.

Interested companies enter into a contract with VerifiGlobal to review the previously verified technologies and determine their acceptance as part of the VerifiGlobal Solutions Network.

Review for acceptance of these previously verified technologies as part of the VerifiGlobal Solutions Network involves the following steps:

1. Review of application

2. Review of technology information

  1. Technology description
  2. The intended application of technology (Note: More than one technology purpose, type of material and measurable property can be provided)
  3. Operational aspects
  4. Legal and regulatory context
  5. Health and safety aspects

3. Review of performance testing and verification information

  1. Performance claim(s) and parameters used for testing and verification
  2. Test data
  3. Verification report

4. Recommendation for VerifiGlobal Solutions Network acceptance or rejection

5. Posting of technology on VerifiGlobal website as part of VerifiGlobal Solutions Network