03. September 2021

Clean Technology Innovation Initiative Online Workshop Agenda

22 September 2021 (10:00 – 11:30 Eastern Daylight Time)

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  • Advancing global sustainability through innovative clean technologies
  • Strengthening capacity to assess benefits and risks
  • Improving understanding and mobilizing knowledge through the effective use of standardization


  1. Introduction - Moderator
    - Starlene Buchanan, Standards Council of Canada
  2. Clean Technology Innovation Initiative Objectives
    - John Neate, Managing Director, VerifiGlobal
    - Jesse Arndt, Standards Council of Canada
  3. SCC: Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance
    Chantal Guay, CEO, Standards Council of Canada
  4. ISO TC207 and ISO 14000 Standards
    - Sheila Leggett, Chair, ISO/TC 207
  5. ISO 14034 ETV and Clean Technology Innovation
    - Thomas Bruun Managing Director, VerifiGlobal
  6. Connecting the Use of Standards to the UN SDGs
    - Michael Leering, Director, Environment and Business Excellence, Canadian Standards Association
  7. The Value Proposition in Relationship Mapping
    - Lynn Johannson, President, E2M and Catalyst for The Collaboration ‘AYCR’
  8. Sector Overviews (illustrative examples)

    Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage
    - Tim Hansen, 350Solutions

    - Greg Williams, StormTrap

    Onsite Wastewater Treatment
    - Jennifer Andersen, CAWT

    Nitrogen Sensor Challenge
    - Gail DeRuzzo, Battelle

  9. Next steps – Getting Involved
    - John Neate, Co-Managing Director, VerifiGlobal


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For more information:

Starlene Buchanan, Program Manager, Standards Council of Canada - Email: starlene.buchanan@scc.ca 

John Neate, Managing Director, VerifiGlobal - Email: jhneate@verifiglobal.com