World Water-Tech Innovation Summit, 26-27 February 2019

14 december 2018

Now in its 8th year, the World Water-Tech Innovation Summit has gained global recognition as the summit where deals are made and new partnerships formed between leaders of major utilities and municipalities, industrial end users, engineering firms, technology companies, start-ups, and investors.

At this year’s Summit, important questions on collaborative innovation will be addressed, including:
  • What are the successful regulatory drivers that support utilities to deploy advanced technologies?
  • How can governments support technology acceleration and help to mitigate risk? What more can policy makers be doing to move the dial and lead the industry forwards?
  • Where has innovative or challenging policy/regulation been effectively deployed to create new markets? E.g. phosphorous removal, tough leakage targets. What are the lessons that can be applied to the future?
  • How are utilities collaborating and co-creating innovation models?
The Technology Showcase will feature start-ups pitching their technology and business models. In addition, service providers and their clients will share stories of where ground breaking technologies have been effectively deployed, for example, in developing and implementing new ways to diversify water resources and clean up at source. 

The World Water-Tech Innovation Summit in London goes beyond theory and provides a unique opportunity to engage and learn more hear about building capacity, saving money and boosting efficiency.

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